Program/Scientific Program

Instrumentation, Techniques and/or Computation

MS-03 Maximum Entropy in Crystallography
Description Should feature any application of MEM more
MS-08 Small Angle Scattering for Magnetism and Magnetic Structures
Description Scope: Small-angle neutron and X-ray more
MS-19 Computational Methods for Charge Density Studies
Description New computational methods and approaches for charge density studies are especially desired.
MS-27 Advances in Experimental Techniques and Data Analysis for Science at Extreme Conditions at Synchrotron and Neutron Sources
Description Topics: Time-resolved experiments, more
MS-39 Meso-and Nano-structures Developed via Heterogeneous Interfaces
Description Scope: This ms will cover investigations of more
MS-44 New Detectors Enabling New Science
Description The field of detector development is vital more
MS-52 Remote Controls for Crystallography at Synchrotrons and Neutron Sources
Description The focus is on systems created to handle more
MS-56 Grazing Incidence Surface Techniques
Description This session will focus on techniques and more
MS-71 Simultaneous Methods with SAS (i.e. simultaneous in situ small-angle scattering and other measurements)
Description There are significant advantages in conducting more
MS-73 Cross-disciplinary Investigations of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Materials by Solid State NMR and Diffraction Techniques
Description The MS will compare the information provided more
MS-79 In Operando and Structure Evolution - From Atomic to Micron
Description This session will be dedicated to structural more
MS-81 Pushing the Boundaries of Aperiodic Magnetic & Crystal Structure Solution
Description State-of-the-art methods for magnetic more
MS-87 Industrial and Technological Applications of Small-Angle Scattering
Description Scope: SAS methods are widely used across more
MS-89 High Resolution Charge Density Using SR
Description Recent advances in high resolution charge more
MS-96 New Computational Approaches to Structure Solution and Refinement
Description New computational methods and approaches for all structural fields of crystallography.
MS-108 Applications of Anomalous Small-angle X-ray Scattering
Description Anomalous SAXS can provide unique more
MS-112 New Approaches to Crystal Structure Prediction
Description Methods and techniques that can be more

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