Program/Scientific Program

     Physical and/or Fundamental


    MS-02 Recent Advances in Quasicrystal Research
    Co-Chairs An Pang Tsai, Janusz Wolny
    Description Covers all aspects of research on more
    MS-09 In Situ Crystallography Under External Stimuli
    Co-Chairs Pierre Fertey, Dimitri Argyriou

    Xray and neutron scattering experiments under electric field, magnetic field or high pressure.

    MS-12 Crystallography and Physics of Low-dimensional Systems: Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Topological Insulators and Superconductors
    Co-Chairs Boris Yakobson, Jean-Francois Halet
    Description Low-dimensional systems display a number more
    MS-17 High-pressure crystallography of Periodic and Aperiodic Crystals
    Co-Chairs tbc
    Description Topics: Polymorphism in molecular and more
    MS-18 Magneto-structural Relationships in Molecular Compounds 
    Co-Chairs Andrea Cornia, Prof. Barbara Sieklucka
    Description Relations between structure and magnetic more
    MS-20 Advances in X-ray FEL Coherent Scattering & Diffraction
    Co-Chairs Thomas Tschentscher, Changyong Song
    Description Coherent scattering and imaging techniques, more
    MS-24 New 3D Electron Diffraction Techniques and their Potential for Structure Solution of Nano-and
    Micron Sized Crystals
    Co-Chairs tbc
    Description The focus of this session will be new research more
    MS-25 Electron Density and Optical Properties of Materials 
    Co-Chairs J. Cole, D. Jayatilaka
    Description The derivation of optical properties of more
    MS-26 Commensurate and Incommensurate Multiferroics and Magnetoelectrics: Structure and Properties
    Co-Chairs Prof. dr. hab. Radoslaw Przenioslo, Prof. Hiroyuki Kimura
    Description Progress in understanding the connection more
    MS-32 Graphene and Similar Systems
    Co-Chairs tbc
    Description This microsymposium will cover different more
    MS-33 Symmetry Constraints in Magnetic Structure Determination: Experiment and Theory
    Co-Chairs Prof. Branton Campbell, Mois Ilia Aroyo
    Description The superspacegroup formalism and more
    MS-34 Crystals and Beyond
    Co-Chair S. I. Ben-Abraham, Jeong-Yup Lee
    Description The frontiers of crystallography and more
    MS-41 Electronic and Magnetic Phenomena at Extreme Conditions
    Co-Chair Karen Friese
    Description Topics: Spectroscopic methods for more
    MS-42 Diffuse Scattering and Partial Disorder in Complex Structures
    Co-Chairs Richard Wellbery, Marc de Boissieu
    Description Quantitative studies of diffuse scattering more
    MS-48 Nanocrystalline Materials
    Co-Chairs tbc
    Description At the nanoscale structures can be more
    MS-54 Biological Macromolecule Structures by Cryo-EM
    Co-Chair Howard Young
    Description This session will cover advances in more
    MS-60 Electron Crystallography and X-ray Powder Diffraction - Two Complementary Techniques for Structure Solution of Nano- and Micron-sized Crystals
    Co-Chair Lynne McCusker
    Description This session will explore the current more
    MS-70 Biological Electron Crystallography
    Co-Chair Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey
    Description This microsymposium will address more
    MS-72 Methods, Algorithms and Software for Powder Diffraction
    Co-Chairs Ryoko Oishi-Tomiyasu, Jon Wright
    Description Phase identification or crystal structure more
    MS-76 Two Dimensional X-ray Diffraction
    Co-Chairs tbc
    Description Two-dimensional X-ray diffraction is an more


    MS-80 Biomolecular Systems Under Pressure - In Memory of Roger Fourme
    Co-Chair Nick Brooks
    Description Topics: Experimental approaches to more
    MS-88 Liquids, Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Solids at Extreme Conditions
    Co-Chair Yoshinori Katayama
    Description Topics: determination of structure of more
    MS-90 Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Ordering: From Fundamental Physics to Functionality
    Co-Chair Dr. Yuichi Shimakawa
    Description Charge, orbital and magnetic ordering more
    MS-95 Symmetry and its Generalisations in Science and Art
    Co-Chairs M.A. Louise de la Penas, Emil Makovicky
    Description Symmetry underpins Nature in all its more
    MS-97 Quantitative Electron Imaging and Composition: Applications to Crystallographic Problems
    Co-Chairs tbc
    Description With the increasing signal and resolution more
    MS-98 X-ray, Muon and Neutron Studies of Magnetic Structure in Materials
    Co-Chairs Youchi Murakami, Oksana Zaharko
    Description Synchrotron X-rays and neutron probes more
    MS-104 Crystal Structure Prediction and Materials Design
    Co-Chairs Roman Martonak, Tian Cui
    Description Crystal structure prediction, a central more
    MS-105 Frustration, Topology and Chirality in Metals and Complex Oxides
    Co-Chair Prof. Dr. Taku J. Sato
    Description Skyrmions and other chiral systems more
    MS-106 Combined Studies of Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities
    Co-Chairs Nicolas Claiser, Javier Campo
    Description Electron densities as studied by different techniques more
    MS-111 Surfaces
    Co-Chair Joanne Stubbs,
    Description The focus of this session will be any and all methods more

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